Putting things in the Box

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Sculptor Camille Walala’s new installation Putting Things In Perspective is to be unveiled outside Plymouth’s new museum and art gallery The Box on July 15.

The commission, 6m long by 2.5m wide and 2m high, is part of The Box’s inaugural Making It exhibition which will examine the process of making new works of art from raw materials. Walala’s marine plywood sculpture is being made and hand-painted in her Shoreditch studio.

The exhibition is in a series of events designed to bring the city’s new public square, Tavistock Place, to life for the first time.

“Being commissioned for The Box to create a public artwork was an incredible opportunity to push my work in a new direction” French-born Walala said. “After the intensity of the last year I find myself more attracted to softer lines, drawn by hand. I want them to be slightly imperfect. This year has been a good lesson of letting go. In the last few months I have really enjoyed spending time painting and experimenting with colours. Taking the time to find the right tone of each colour was really joyful and satisfying.”

Putting Things In Perspective will be on display until September 5.

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