Artists notch £100m from resale rights

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Artists and their estates have passed the £100m mark in resale right royalties since the Artists’ Resale Right became law 15 years ago

DACS, the rights management organisation for visual artists, said £100,286,451 has now been paid to 5,624 artists and artists’ estates since 2006.. The right has also been included in the post-Brexit UK-EU Trade Agreement.

It means artists can continue to benefit from their work beyond the first sale for sales of over €1,000 enabling galleries, auction houses and dealers to contribute directly to artists.

“For auction houses, bidders and collectors resales are part of everyday life” said the artist Maria Farrar, pictured here in her studio (photograph, Ena Morit). “But for the artist, auction results have a much more personal impact. Royalties from the Artist’s Resale Right help to fund my continued existence, but also contain an acknowledgement that I still have a connection to the work - that some of me is in the painting. And that regardless of where in the UK this painting is sold, DACS will let me know about it.”

Musicians can continue to make money from a song or album through royalties from radio, TV or cinema, an important source of income. Artist’s Resale Right royalties apply the same principle for visual artists.


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