COP26 – governments failing to link cultural policy in action plans

Artistic communities can contribute significantly to limiting climate change but are being left out of governments’ considerations.

Julie’s Bicycle, the not-for-profit organisation that has been mobilising the cultural sector to take action on the ecological crisis since 2007, says it’s time environment policies and culture policies were linked.

A new report by Julie’s Bicycle, Culture: The Missing Link to Climate Action, says that the global creative community has embraced  environmental action at local, sectoral and national level, which has grown substantially during the pandemic and should have a fundamental role in planning and promoting environmental transformation, but there is a serious gap in most countries.  

However, there is an opportunity now for government policy to draw on the culture sector’s creativity and power to motivate, said Julie’s Bicycle’s founder and CEO Alison Tickell (pictured). “Culture policies should much better reflect environment policy, as well as channelling arts and culture perspectives into environment policy” she said today as the report was published.

“At COP21 in 2015, we joined with global arts leaders and artists to express support and urge ambitious action on climate. At COP26 we have a more urgent demand: rethink culture policy to help the culture community to combat climate change – by cutting carbon as well as through its capacity to touch hearts and minds” she said.“We have seen through 15 years of practical experience and our research that the culture community is anxious to be involved, but sporadic initiatives are not enough to make a real difference. We need the underpinning of policy to drive carbon-saving operations and ensure that arts and culture feeds into environment policy.” 

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