Dorries finds £50m for creative industries

Culture secretary Nadine Dorries has today announced a new £50m government investment in the UK’s creative industries, with £21m going to promote our films abroad.

Speaking at the opening of the Creative Coalition Festival 2022 she said the UK’s creative industries were truly global. “It's our writers and musicians and designers and composers who are the most celebrated around the world today and do the most to sell the UK abroad” she said. “They wield an incredible amount of influence, and because of that the reputation of global Britain depends on them, which is why this government is determined to protect those industries and build on their success”.

The film promotion budget will be for three years through the UK Global Screen Fund. £18m will go to support start-up small creative enterprises outside London through the Creative Scale-Up Programme, and £8m to help video game developers via the UK Games Fund.

“The Creative Coalition Festival is a key moment for UK creativity, bringing together diverse voices from across industry and politics to drive the change and fresh thinking needed to unleash the potential of our world-leading Creative Industries” said Creative UK’s CEO Caroline Norbury. “I’m delighted that the Secretary of State has chosen today’s forum for this announcement, an intervention which rightly recognises the power of our sector and the vital importance of investing in creativity to drive growth and innovation across all parts of the UK.”

The three day festival, at which Opposition Leader Keir Starmer is also scheduled to speak, will explore how the creative industries can help build a fairer and more prosperous world, Norbury said.

“When creative education isn't accessible to everyone, why are there more than a quarter of a million working class people prevented from joining the creative workforce? Where are the disabled people in this industry? And why do we still have so few black and Asian people heading up our cultural institutions and big businesses.

“We believe that talent is everywhere but opportunity is not, so how can we ensure wider access to finance and the knowledge that's needed for creative practitioners and entrepreneurs so they can build and grow their own businesses? How can we ensure freelancers are supported protected and enable to thrive? We believe creative skills are intrinsic to the workforce of the future.”

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