Dacs chief takes over at Whitechapel

The new director of the Whitechapel Gallery is to be Gilane Tawadros, the CEO of Dacs, the guardian of artists’ copyright.

She will succeed Iwona Blazwick, who has run the gallery for 20 years, in October.

Tawadros, who founded the Institute of Visual Arts (Iniva) in London in 1993, will be one of few women of colour to run a major British arts institution, and through her career has championed black female artists.

David Dibosa, the Whitechapel’s chair, said: “Gilane has a compelling vision and brings decades of experience to help make this a reality. She believes in the role of art in society and knows how to equip institutions to play their part. Throughout her career, Gilane has remained committed to artists alongside all those who help to bring their work into public view.”

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