Children’s Tempest visions

Primary school children from across Birmingham have been asked to imagine characters from one of Shakespeare’s most difficult plays, The Tempest, for an exhibition opening today.

Their artwork, a result of work in schools with the Arts Council funded Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Birmingham hub, is part of To still my beating mind at the Shakespeare Memorial Room in Birmingham Central Library, which runs until July 27. The image here is a child’s imagining of Caliban. The exhibition is part of the Everything to Everyone project.

“The children in our Birmingham Shakespeare Hub have had the wonderful opportunity to see the beautiful illustrations and artwork from both the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s Collection and materials from the Shakespeare Memorial Library” said the trust’s Sally Gray. “This inspiration has taken them on a creative journey that has included dance, art, circus skills and, for some children, the opportunity to perform their dance at the Children’s Library here in Birmingham.”

In the project children were also taught circus skill and performance techniques in retelling the play’s narrative by CircusMASH, and took part in movement and dance workshops with Sampad, the South Asian dance and music company.


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