Commonwealth glass sculptures for the Tower’s jubilee

Glass artist Max Jacquard has made 13 giant sculptures for the Tower of London’s celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

A crown and 12 Commonwealth symbols will each be surrounded by millions of flowers in the tower’s Queens Garden, part of its “Superbloom” project.

The project is a planting scheme to attract bees, pollinators and seed-eating birds into central London.

Each glass design has been inspired by the original embroidered motifs on the Queen’s coronation dress, designed by Norman Hartnell. including the Canadian maple, Australian wattle and Scottish thistle. Each piece is set on cradles mounted on steel rods sitting 5m above the garden, with the artist having created thousands of diamonds, cords, and pearls from glass for the sculptures over three months with a team of 5 people. A total of 3,517 jewels were modelled in wax with over 7,623 pieces press moulded for the 700mm high sculptures in coloured glass. 

Kent-based Jacquard has worked closely with the head gardener for Superbloom, Nigel Dunnett, on the commission from Historic Royal Palaces. The sculptures will remain on public display until September, and the new landscaping will remain as a jubilee legacy.


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