Art Fund steps up museum funding

Art Fund is making £2m available to museums in new funding schemes this summer.

The money is being made available to “inspire creativity and increase stability” in museums and galleries from the charity’s Reimagine grants (applications from 4 July – 12 September) and the Weston Loan Programme (applications from the end of June to August 12).

The fund’s just published annual report shows that last year it gave grants worth £5.8m largely from its 130,000 membership who buy the National Art pass, and by the end of 2022 will have given £6m to help recovery from the effects of Covid 19.

 “Our latest annual report shows Art Fund’s breadth and depth of support for a rapidly evolving museum sector” said Art Fund’s director, Jenny Waldman (pictured). “Our vision for the next five years builds on our 119-year history of building public collections, connecting it with our burgeoning role helping to build and broaden audiences and amplify the work of more than 800 museums across the UK. Thanks to the generosity of Art Fund’s members, who buy the National Art Pass, and supporters we have been able to step up to help museums through the challenges of the pandemic and into an exciting future”.

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