National Theatre Wales loses its subsidy

National Theatre Wales (pictured) is to lose its entire Arts Council Wales annual grant in the latest ACW funding round.

ACW usually holds its investment review every five years, with the last in 2015 when National Theatre Wales was awarded £1.6m a year. Theatr Clwyd, in contrast, will receive £1.8m and Welsh National Opera £1.4m. Others are to receive subsidy for the first time.

The “deeply shocked” National Theatre said in a statement: “During this challenging time the well-being of our staff and the theatre makers and communities we work with is paramount. This decision will impact every one of those people: reducing opportunities to engage with theatre, to gain creative employment and to tell the stories of Wales across the nation and to the world.

“Whilst this news means that we will have to rethink our plans, we invite you to come and support us and see Circle of Fifths as we tour across Wales this autumn.” 

ACW’s grant finding comes partly from the Welsh Assembly and partly from the National Lottery, and amounts this time to @29.6m, and 81 creative organisations are included this time with 23 organisations getting ACS funding for the first time. 

“The decision not to continue funding for some organisations will no doubt be much debated, which is something we welcome – however our strategic interventions will respond to any gaps created in relevant sectors as a result of our decisions” said ACW CEO Dafydd Rhys.


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