‘National Theatre Wales will close in 6 months if cuts stay’

Arts Council Wales have been warned that National Theatre Wales will have to close in six months if its 100% funding cut is allowed to stand.

ACW stripped the theatre of all of its £1.6m a year grant in its latest spending round.

In a letter to the council, signed by artistic director Lorne Campbell and co-chairs Sharon Gilburd and Yvonne Connikie, the theatre warns: "If this funding decision stands Wales will lose National Theatre Wales in six months’ time. If lost, it will not be easily or affordably replaced.”

It says it welcomes the announcement of a review of English language theatre in Wales, but criticises the decision to “dismantle” the English language national company before the review had completed its work. "In light of all of this” it goes on, “we seek constructive conversation with you and your colleagues at the earliest opportunity to examine the possibility of an interim position for National Theatre Wales while the review takes place.

“We believe that a solution can be found that allows National Theatre Wales to continue to operate – honouring our commitments to communities, theatremakers and other partners and leveraging another £500,000 into Welsh theatre from other funders this year – while we contribute to the future vision of theatre in Wales."

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