Crisis fund for theatre workers launched

A one-off Emergency Crisis Grant Award has been launched by the Royal Theatrical Fund (RTF) to help theatre workers with essential needs as they struggle in the cost-of-living crisis.

In 2021 the RTF had a similar scheme, called the Fleabag Support Fund, which gave out more than £1.7m to workers funding it is difficult to pay for even essentials such as food after the pandemic lockdowns.

The size of grants is not being limited, with each case assessed individually but each applicant should be in receipt of all benefits to which they are entitled.

"The RTF continues to make every effort to support people in the entertainment industry in the most desperate times and that is why we have launched an Emergency Crisis Grant, running for the next six months” said the fund’s chair the actor Samantha Bond. “Throughout the pandemic and the continuing cost-of-living crisis we have been there with the Theatre Community Fund and the Fleabag Support Fund to provide support to thousands of applicants.

"We do not want anyone in need to be afraid to turn on their heating, use the electricity or unable to feed themselves or their family. Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help but don’t be afraid to get in touch."

The RTF was founded in 1839 by a group of actors shocked by the number of the theatre workers dying in appalling hardship, and is the only grant-making body that has no restrictive covenant on the nature and extent of the financial support it the entertainment profession. Its first chairman was Charles Dickens.

The emergency fund is open now. Find out more at

Image of Samantha Bond courtesy of the RTF.

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