Mendes’s Theatres Artists Fund to roll out £1.5m

The Theatre Artists Fund set up by director Sam Mendes two years ago to support theatre workers financially stricken because of the Covid pandemic has announced a £1.5m roll-out at the end of a two-year pilot period.

Funding is nearing completion to enable 20 individuals to be offered full time backstage jobs in up to 15 partner organisations.

The programme was devised to help cope with a huge shift in the creative workforce caused by the pandemic, largely affecting midcareer professionals, and to prevent them having to find other careers.

“This is proof that at least something good has come out of the pandemic, despite the fact that theatre and its practitioners suffered substantially during that time” Mendes said. “I very much hope that this is the beginning of a scheme that will help many more theatre freelancers over the next few years. After all, those people are - and have always been - the beating heart of the theatre industry.”

So far signed up are Theatre Royal Plymouth, York Theatre Royal with Wise Children, Leeds Playhouse, Chichester Festival Theatre, Lyric Theatre, Belfast, Nottingham Playhouse (with Rocket and Glitter Productions), Unicorn Theatre, Kiln Theatre, National Theatre with National Theatre Productions, National Theatre of Scotland, and Theatr Clwyd.


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