ACE extends Portfolio by a year

Arts organisations subsidised through Arts Council England’s National Portfolio are to have an extra year’s funding “in response to the external challenges our sector is facing”, it was announced today.

The three year programme for 2023-27 is to be extended by a year to with NPOs able apply in an initiative designed to give organisations space to develop business plans under new economic circumstances, said ACE’s CEO Darren Henley. Details about the application process will be announced in the spring.

“We hope this will provide some certainty in an uncertain world and allow organisations to plan, look at new business models and increase collaboration” Henley said in a blog today. “It will also give the Arts Council more time to build in your feedback to an improved, more accessible application process for the next portfolio.”

Currently 990 organisations – of 1,700 that applied are sharing £446 million a year., with 139 of those recipients focused on music.

ACE has already extended by a year its Creative People and Places investment programme which focuses on parts of the country where involvement in creativity is below the national average.  

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