BM starts search for remake masterminds

The British Museum has launched an international competition to find architects to redesign its western range of galleries, currently housing the Elgin Marbles, as part of its long-term £1bn restoration and recasting programme.

The two-stage western range project will restore the original Smirke Greek Revival building, create new public amenities and make the collections more accessible. The galleries currently show objects from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Ancient Assyria and the Middle East.

The short-listed bidders for the first stage of the museum’s biggest building project since the 1820s will be announced in August with their designs on public display, and proposal admissions will close on June 21. The winning team will be announced in February, 2025.

The judging panel will be chaired by George Osborne, the BM’s chairman, and include interim director Sir Mark Jones and incoming director Nicholas Cullinan.

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