Most believe orchestras are vital – ABO survey

Growing public support for concert music, and in particular orchestras, has been recorded in a wide-ranging survey by the Association of British Orchestras published today.

The survey, conducted for the ABO by Opinium, shows that 74% believe orchestras are vital to the UK’s cultural heritage; 71% believe classical music “amplifies the big moments in life”; and 65% think classical music is under-appreciated.

The survey is being used as a platform to launch a national campaign “to celebrate the value and power of connection that classical music brings”, alongside ABO partners Classic FM, Classical Music, LIVE, UK Music, the Musicians’ Union and the Independent Society of Musicians.

People are being invited to show their appreciation of and support for classical music through the hashtag #MusicThatMovesYou, sharing a favourite piece of music on social media.

“It is truly heartening to see how much classical music matters to the Bri6sh public” said Sophie Lewis, the ABO’s chair. “Our survey showed how people turn to classical music in so many different settings, not only for pure enjoyment, but for reflection, mindfulness and to feel a powerful sense of connec6on – whether that’s a highly personal sense of emo6on, or to share life’s special moments with those around them. Everyone has their favourite music that transports them to a landmark moment in their life. We want to start a conversation open to everyone – both enthusiasts and casual listeners of classical music – to introduce one another to the music that moves them. We want to spark engagement and excitement for us all to celebrate the music that we can be proud of in Britain as a part of our cultural heritage, showcased by our members on a world class level.”

Last month AI reported that a Royal Philharmonic Orchestra survey had shown that more people are going to concerts than before the 2020 pandemic and in spite of crises in between such as Brexit, inflation, the cost-of-living increase and subsidy cuts, with most of them never having been before.  


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