ACE’s £6.3m for arts-deprived areas

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An extra £6.3m is to go to English communities starved of culture in the latest grants from the Arts Council’s Creative People and Places scheme.

Twenty-one places were given grants to develop projects and development partnerships to bring arts provision to their communities, and now seven of them of been given more to build on those projects.

¤ The Heart of Glass programme in St Helens run by the Saint Community Development Foundation gets £1m.

¤ East Durham Creates, a partnership between the Beamish Museum and East Durham Trust, has engaged 20,000 people in a range of events across the region, and gets another £1m.

¤ Sunderland and South Tyneside’s Cultural Spring includes a programme of large scale commissioned events as well as research opportunities for artists working in communities, and gets £1m.

¤ West Yorkshire’s Creative Scene is building a new arts ecology in trhe area centres on the Lawrence Batley Theatre in  Kirklees, and also gets £1m more.

¤ Made in Corby in Northamptonshire, organised by Groundwork, is a three year programme led by local people centring on three festivals, and is awarded £885,325. 

¤ A consortium of Cross Keys Homes and Nene Park Trust partnered with arts organisations Vivacity, Metal and Voluntary Arts has created Peterborough Presents in six different  areas of the city, and for phase 2 gets £679,908.

¤ Ideas Test – Swale and Medway has developed  creative programmes for  people in this area of Kent, and a new phase will include  new art commissions for the Whitstable Biennale with £750,00.


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