Brexit – ‘keep movement free’ CIF demands

Britain should maintain freedom of movement for artists and arts organisations after leaving the European Union, says a report published today by the Creative Industries Federation (CIF). 

The Brexit Report, which was being presented to DCMS and the business department, also calls for EU funding of the arts to be maintained or replaced, that EU nationals working here should be told now that they can stay.

Freedom of movement for those working in the creative industries is vital for two reasons, said John Kampfner , the CIF’s chief executive: to cover the lack of skills here because of failures on the education system, and the wider diversity of cultural input that ensures the cultural relevance overseas of Britain’s cultural offer. New visa rules should be fashioned to facilitate this, and to ensure that artists such as musicians can continue to travel easily to meet engagements.

The report also calls on the government to keep access to EU finding for the arts open. The UK receives more funding through Creative Europe than almost any other country, including from the £80 billion Horizon 2020 innovation scheme.

“It has taken two decades and more to turn our creative industries from an afterthought to a key driver of wealth and global success” said the designer Sir John Sorrell, the CIF founder. “To imperil that would be to imperil our wider economy. That is why we need to be at the heart of the new government’s industrial  strategy and negotiating priorities in coming months.”

The report, compiled with the approval of the Creative Industries Council, the forum  between the government and  cultural industries, also calls for Brexit planning to tackle existing problems, such as an education system that leaves skills shortages in the likes of animation and visual effects.





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