Poetry Trust cuts staff

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Aldeburgh poetry festival in doubt 

The Poetry Trust has cut its full-time staff and closed its office.

The Trust, which runs the annual Aldeburgh Poetry Festival in Suffolk, blames the decision on its "precarious financial position". 

The decision puts the future of the poetry festival which took place only last month,  in doubt. However, in a statement, published on its website, the trust said it was “absolutely intent” on finding a way to preserve the event.

The Trust said the future of the festival would be considered as part of a strategic review in early 2016 – along with related local activities.  “For many years, the trust has fought hard to raise enough funds for all the activity it undertakes as a year-round organisation and this pre-carious financial position does pose a threat to the future of the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. By resetting the nature and scope of the organisation, we can minimise that threat going for-ward,” the statement said. 

The cuts in staff would mean the loss of the equivalent of 3.2 posts, including its director Ellen McAteer, who took over from Naomi Jaffa in February. 

Donations received after December 31 will be returned. Friends of the Poetry Trust have been advised to cancel standing orders.

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