Arts still letting down disabled

An Arts Council report published today says the disabled are being left behind in the advances to better diversification in the culture sector’s workforce.

The report, Equality, Diversity and the Creative Case 2015/16, also shows that while progress has been made in general black and minority representation on cultural workforces, women, BMS and disabled people are still under-represented on boards.

ACE CEO Darren Henley said the answer might lie in cultural education. “We need to see where the barriers and gaps are and how we can overcome these” he said. “Any young person, whether disabled or not, black, Asian or working-class white, urban or rural, should feel that if they’ve got the talent  and the commitment we’re offering them a roadmap to success”.

The report also marks the first time the Arts Council has collected diversity data on leadership, and Henley called for sustained investment  in talent. “That means putting diverse talent at the centre of our work and at the top of our organisations” he said.


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