Dugher makes way for Eagle

Defence spokesperson moves to culture

Maria Eagle has been appointed shadow culture secretary by Labour leader Jeremy Corbin in succession to Michael Dugher, sacked in this week's shadow cabinet reshuffle.

Eagle, the 54-year-old MP for Garston and Halewood in Liverpool, has held a range of shadow portfolios and was a minister under Tony Blair. She has been moved from the defence brief because of her support for Trident.

"Culture, the arts & sport are an important part of our national life but under this Tory Govt we have seen them suffer from huge cuts" she tweeted. "The Tories have also launched an attack one of our most treasured institutions - the BBC. I will take them to task on these issues. And will be calling on the Government to proceed with the implementation of the proposals put forward by Leveson" she added.


What is not yet clear is whether the wide-ranging review of arts funding, ordered by her predecessor to take into account local authority shortfalls in arts funding capability, will go ahead.

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