UK beats EU on creatives

A new report claims that Britain has more than a fifth of the creative workers in the EU.

The report, Creative Economy Employment in the UK and the EU, by thinktank Nesta, shows that Britain’s creative industries employ 2.3 million in the UK out of a total of 11.4 million people in the EU.

The UK’s creative workforce, which includes the arts, advertising and marketing, architecture and design industries accounts for 7.6% of the total workforce, higher than Germany, France or Italy. But the UK lags behind Sweden, which employs 8.9% of workers in the creative industries, followed by Finland on 8.2%.

Nesta says the report, is the first “consistent estimate of the size of the creative industries in all 28 EU countries and the wider ‘creative economies’ of 20 countries for which data is available”.

Hasan Bakhshi, director of creative economy at Nesta, said the UK’s consistently high-achieving universities and openness to new ideas, combined with tax breaks for new technology start-ups and the arts played an important role in the development of creative jobs.

He added that support to the film industry and the BBC had played an important role in attracting investment to the UK. But he criticised the recent focus on Stem subjects in schools that favour science technology, engineering and maths.

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