‘Don’t leave arts out of Brexit deal’ May told

The Cultural Industries Federation has warned the prime minister not to ignore the importance of the “soft power” of the fastest growing sector in the UK economy, culture.

Welcoming Mrs May’s speech clarifying her negotiating basis for leaving the European Union, CIF chief executive John Kampfner said: “For nearly a decade, the creative industries have been the fastest-growing sector of the UK economy, contributing to all aspects of UK politics, diplomacy, regional development and billions to the economy. 

“Given the potential for jobs and growth, it is essential that the requirements of this most dynamic of sectors is central to the negotiations in the difficult two years ahead.”

The movement of talent across borders has been vital to the expansion of the sector, and issues over skills and the work of freelances in the arts need to be resolved for both the British and the European sides, he said. There needs to be a sector-by-sector approach to deal-making, while 42% of our creative service exports go to the EU.

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