West calls for arts lobby on Article 50

The National Campaign for the Arts says arts organisations must continue to have access to funding from the Creative Europe programme, or UK arts funding must be increased proportionately to fund the deficit.

NCA chair Samuel West has called for access to EU education funds and EU nationals to be allowed to work in the UK.

West called on the arts world to lobby MPs over the upcoming Brexit negotiations. The EU is vital to the health of the arts sector, he says.

He adds that the UK should keep tariff-free access to the EU market for goods and services and the government should support showcasing opportunities for arts and culture in other current and developing global markets. 56% of the UK's exports of music, performing arts and visual arts went to Europe in 2014, worth £362 million to the economy.

EU laws and regulations on copyright, intellectual property, artist re-sale rights and VAT exemption must also be maintained or improved upon, West adds.

The NCA chair said: 'It is vital for the future of audiences and the arts in the UK that Brexit negotiations take into account how important being a member of the EU has become to the health of this world-leading sector. The future for the UK arts, and for the UK's artistic reputation around the world, could be very bright - but only if we know that the current position on everything from arts funding to copyright does not suffer from us leaving the EU.

'I urge supporters of the arts to use this vital moment: alert your MP to issues facing the arts and ask them to press for the assurances the sector requires to safeguard the future of UK audiences and artists.'


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