Hyslop fears for Scottish arts post-Brexit.

The Scottish Government has warned that leaving the EU Single Market will damage Scotland’s culture and creative sectors.

Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop said Scotland’s ability to establish creative partnerships, access EU funding and attract EU nationals to work in our tourism industry would be curtailed by a hard Brexit.

She said 21% of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s musicians and staff are from the EU and more than 20,000 staff from other EU countries are employed in Scotland’s tourism industry.

This is an important component in the international reputation of the Edinburgh festivals, she said.

Hyslop’s comments come after a meeting met with arts industry leaders in Edinburgh to discuss the impact of leaving the EU.

“We have published our proposals to secure Scotland’s interests and to protect our relationship with the EU. Despite her strong signals that the UK is moving towards a hard Brexit the Prime Minister has committed to give our proposals serious consideration and we are determined to hold her to account.

“Freedom of movement within the EU allows our culture, creative industries and tourism sectors to recruit the best talent from across the EU, strengthening each sector’s contribution to Scotland’s economy and enriching our culture. I have heard the concerns of our industries first hand today, and I am determined to ensure their future prosperity is protected.”

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