Plans for Historic Wales body scrapped

Review suggests Cadw becomes independent but no merger with NMW

Welsh heritage bodies have scuppered plans for a merger. Instead the government run

Cadw will become an independent body and a review will be carried out of the National Museum of Wales.

These are the main recommendations of a steering group appointed to look into the re-organisation of heritage in wales, following a government proposal to "bring together" the commercial functions of Cadw and National Museums Wales.

It follows strong opposition from NMW and others, including the Museums association, to the plan.

The steering group recommendations include:

  • Taking Cadw out of government - either to become a charitable body or an executive agency
  • Creating a "strategic partnership" between heritage bodies, with members of senior management meeting regularly to discuss potential areas of cooperation
  • Collaboration on some functions, such as gift shops and back office functions.
  • Greater collaboration to promote Wales' World Heritage Sites

Economy minister Ken Skates said he would "consider the recommendations in the report in detail". The independent review of the NMW will be carried out by ex- English Heritage chief Simon Thurley.


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