New Year Honours in the Arts

Congratulations to...

Knight: Matthew Bourne, choreographer

Dames: Sian Phillips and Barbara Windsor, actors

Companion of Honour: Sir Roy Strong.

CBEs:  Phyllida Barlow, sculptor; David Joseph, music promoter; Radu Lupu, pianist; Peter Morgan, screenwriter/playwright; William Sieghart, founder of Forward Poetry Prize, for services to libraries; Imelda Staunton, actor; Jill Tookey, founder of National Youth Ball of Great Britain; Beryl Vertue, TV/film producer; Tarama Rojo, artistic director of English National Ballet.

OBEs: Damon Albarn, singer-songwriter; Bob Allies and Graham Morrison, architects; Clive Barda, photographer; Pim Baxter, deputy director NPG; Juliana Beatty, founder of The Art Room; Steuart Bedford, conductor; Simon Brett, writer; Trevor Danna, architect; Idris Elba, actor; Piers Haggard, film/TV director; Joanna Van Heyningen, architect; Maurice Howard, architectural historian; Paulette Long, music promoter; Malcolm Martineau, pianist; James Nesbitt, actor; David Oyelowo, actor; Thursa Sanderson, CEO of Drake Music, Scotland; Godfrey Worsdale, former director of BALTIC; Anita Zabludowicz, art philanthropist.

MBEs: Milena, Lady Grenfell-Baines, fundraiser for Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra; Felicity Belfield, for helping musicians acquire instruments; Patrick Borer, architect; Roger Bucknall, guitar maker; Roger Dodgson, music philanthropist; Sallie Eastick, CEO Musical Keys providing music for those with special needs in East Anglia; Goldie (Clifford Price), musician; Vivian French, author; Bradley Hemmings, artistic director, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival; Alina Ibragimova, violinist; Maralyn Barton-Kronman, head of Royal Opera House costume workrooms; Alison Lewy, founder, Fashion Angel; Helen Marriage, founder, Artichoke; Michael McCarthy and Michael Rafferty, co-founders, Music Theatre Wales; Isabella McCue, chair, Theatre Nemo; Colin McKeown. founder, LA Productions; Jane Short, enamellist.

BEM: Harriet Bennett, for services to music in Felixstowe; James Goodman, for services to music on Derry; Pauline Griffiths, Curator, Narberth Museum; Bill Scott, founder and artistic director, Miracle Theatre Company; Patricia Taylor, founder, Brenda Taylor School of Dance; Peter Twyman, music teacher; John Warren, wood carver; Allan Alman, performing arts promoter in Gibraltar.

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