Folkestone on the (double) edge

The fourth Folkestone Triennial was announced today with the theme Double Edge, with 21 artists including Bob and Roberta Smith, Antony Gormley, Michael Craig-Martin, Alex Hartley and Bill Woodrow.

Curator Lewis Biggs explained that Folkestone was on two edges – the Channel coast and a underground river, the Pent, that divides the town between the wealthy west side and the less well-off east

“The title has two meanings” Biggs said. “The first is one of anxiety: the edge of the world, the edge of the future and the unknown. The secondary meaning is one of balance, realised through the artist’s imagination when one tips over the edge and looks back on the known with a renewed perspective.”

Smith’s interpretation is that although Folkestone has no art school, the exhibition of open air art every three years, with half the pieces remaining permanently, makes Folkestone an art school in itself. From the three triennials so far the town has 50 resident works of art.

Bob and Roberta Smith (Patrick Brill) intends to cover Folkestone’s landmarks, such as the Martello tower pictured here, with banners declaring “Folkestone is an art school”, and to fund there is to be a crowd-funding campaign to raise £15,000 by April 17, hosted by the Arts Fund’s platform Art Happens. The project can be supported at


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