Budget snub as creative sector left in cold

The creative sector has been snubbed in Philip Hammond’s first Budget by being excluded from bidding for development funding from the Industrial Challenge Fund despite being the fastest growing sector in the economy.

The Treasury has recognised the importance of STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and moths – as needing support, but not arts subjects like design and architecture which are nevertheless key to unlocking innovation.

John Kampfner, chief executive of the Creative Industries Federation, said: “New investment in digital infrastructure is welcome, but we remain worried that the role the creative industries play in innovation is being overlooked by the emphasis on innovation in science and tech”. 

And there were also worries about the effect other Budget measures may have on the sector. We are concerned about the changes to national insurance contributions because the creative industries have a higher proportion of self-employed than other sectors and many of them are not highly paid”. Freelance workers are the acknowledged life-blood of creativity and they face an increase in National Insurance contributions.


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