Arts & Crafts treasure house reopens

Britain’s best preserved Arts & Crafts home reopens next week after an 18 month restoration.

The Hammersmith riverside terrace house as the home of the printer Emery Walker, one of the key figures in the Arts & Crafts movement and close collaborator and friend OF William Morris.  He lived here with his wife and daughter from 1903 until his death 30 years later.

More than 6,ooo objects have been conserved and catalogued, while the roof has been replaced. The eclectic collection of items include Morris's 17th century library chair, Philip Webb furniture and glass, ceramics by William de Morgan and a Burne-Jones portrait of May Morris.  

Other very personal possessions include a lock of Morris's hair, snipped off on his deathbed, and a mould of Philip Webb’s ears.  The house also has one of the largest in situ collections of Morris & Co wallpapers in the world.

The house can be visited by appointment on Thursdays and Saturdays from April 20 via

Photograph: Anna Kunst. ©The Emery Walker Trust

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