Charities’ scheme to spread national collections

The Art Fund and Garfield Weston Foundation have launched a new scheme to allow regional museums to borrow works of art from the national collections.

Over the next three years a £750,000 fund will support the wider sharing of objects and works of art from national museums and galleries with regional and smaller local authority institutions across the UK. The funds will include the cost of training regional museum professionals.

The fund will open to applicants on July 6 via the website, the first successful museums will be announced in December and the first objects and works of art in the scheme will go on display next year.

Grants to museums of between £5,000 and £25,000 will cover the costs of  transportation, insurance, conservation, installation, advocacy, marketing and audience development. 

“This much-needed funding scheme will help museums the length and breadth of the country to realise their ambitions – for their institutions, audiences and curators” said Philippa Charles, director of the Garfield Weston Foundation. “This collaborative way of working together promises to unlock so much potential. I especially look forward to seeing great works of art going on display in museums around the UK beginning in 2018, the 60th anniversary of the Garfield Weston Foundation.”




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