Design worth 7% of economy

New report shows its one of biggest creative industries

New research from the Design Council says that using data from the Office of National Statistics, the design economy generated £71.7bn in gross value added (GVA), equivalent to 7.2% of total GVA in 2013.

In what it describes as the most comprehensive account of design’s contribution to the UK economy yet, the Design Council adds that in the period between 2009-2013, the design economy GVA increased by 27.9%, compared to 18.1% across the UK economy as a whole.

In its report, The Design Economy 2015  the Design Council uses ONS data to look at the contribution of designers in a wide variety of industries – from design-intensive sectors, such as web design or animation, to designers and design-engineers in automotive or aerospace companies.

According to the report, 580,000 people are directly employed in the UK’s design industries, while a further one million designers work across the economy in non-design industries. This makes design one of the major sectors in the creative industries and equivalent to the ninth biggest employer in the UK.

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